The Discourse of News Values

Our latest monograph on news values analysis is published with Oxford University Press.


The title of the book is:  The Discourse of News Values: How News Organizations Create Newsworthiness


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Download a media release summarising the results of our analysis of reporting about CYCLING/CYCLISTS in the UK, US, and Australia. [Chapter 6 in the book.]
Media Release DNVA of Cycling.pdf
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In this chapter we introduce our topology for discourse analysis.
Bednarek & Caple 2016 Chapter 1 prepubli
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Visualisation of text-image relations

In Chapter 8 of The Discourse of News Values, we investigate the construction of news values in both words and images in a dataset of 'Most Shared News' via Facebook. Our findings suggest that the construction of news values accumulates across semiotic modes and that both semiotic modes are important in establishing newsworthiness, since they each construe different, complementary aspects of an event as newsworthy.

A visualization of our findings can be found on the Kaleidographic page. We recommend that you read Chapter 8 before exploring the findings using Kaleidographic.

Coding Manuals for DNVA

In an effort to be transparent about how the analysis of the data in the case studies in The Discourse of News Values was carried out, we provide here the coding manuals that were used to guide our discursive news values analyses. Two separate coding manuals are provided: for linguistic and visual analysis. The coding manual first re-prints the inventories of linguistic and visual resources used to generally guide the analysis, before providing further information on the general procedure and more specific coding decisions. The coding manuals explain how the coding/analysis was undertaken, rather than prescribing how any coding/analysis of news values should proceed.



Coding Manual for DNVA LINGUISTIC Analysis
Bednarek 2015 Coding Manual for DNVA Lin
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Coding Manual for DNVA VISUAL Analysis
Caple 2016 Coding Manual for DNVA Image
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